The Go beyond: design challenge

Go beyond: today.Disrupt.

Gain recognition as an Innovator and Disruptor. Challenge the present and create new-to-the-world solutions.

The Go beyond: design challenge

Go beyond:
the prize.Get real.

We do not stop working at good ideas or concepts. In addition to the prize money, the winning team gets funding to realize their winning idea by constructing a full scale, working prototype.

The Go beyond: design challenge

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Thank you for the overwhelming response. Results will be released soon.

The Go beyond: design challenge

Go beyond: today.Winner Annoucement.

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The GO BEYOND: Design Challenge is an international Design + Engineering competition for architects, engineers, designers, inventors and innovators with the burning desire to go beyond the present and create new-to-the-world solutions that will pave the way for a better way of doing things in the future.

An opportunity to go beyond the status quo is first identified.

A challenge is then offered to the world. Architects, designers, engineers, inventors and innovators will form teams and submit their proposals. One winning team will progress to the next stage where a full scale, working prototype will be constructed.


The Opportunity

Every year, about 2 million shipping containers are no longer used. What if these could be upcycled into sustainable architecture to reduce the total carbon footprint of global development?

The Challenge

GO BEYOND: shipping containers by upcycling them into modular habitats.

Competition details here


Form your team

Form a team of three people. We recommend that your team consists of:

  • 1 Architect
  • 1 Structural Engineer
  • 1 Mechanical & Electrical Engineer

However, you may choose to have more than one role from the above represented in your team.

Choose your leader

Choose a team leader. If your proposal is chosen, the prize shall be awarded to the Team leader only, who will have to share it with other team members.

No fees required

No fees will be required for registration or submission of proposals.

Register now See here for more info on registration.

Challenge Sponsor

ONG Foundation

ONG Foundation is a private foundation established in 2012 supporting charitable initiatives in the areas of Education, Health and the Arts.

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