1. Form your team

Form a team of 3 people.

2. Cover all angles

Form a team of three people. We recommend that your team consists of:

  • 1 Architect
  • 1 Structural Engineer
  • 1 Mechanical & Electrical Engineer

3. Choose your leader

Choose a team leader. If your proposal is chosen, the prize shall be awarded to the Team Leader only, who will have to share this with other team members.

4. No fees required

No fees will be required for Registration or Submission of Proposals.





For Stage 1: DESIGN, all entries must be received by:
30 June 2016, 12:00 Noon, Singapore Time


Every submission shall comprise 5 pages of A3 landscape format in PDF only. These 5 pages should contain information based on the 5 aspects of Stage 1:

  • 1. Individual Habitat Units
  • 2. Combined Habitat Units
  • 3. Detailing
  • 4. Service Modules
  • 5. Transportation and Assembly

Information can include write-ups, drawings etc.

Online Submissions only

Proposals are to be submitted online through this website only. Proposals not submitted through this channel will not be entertained.

Please register and log in to submit your entries.


Proposals will be judged based on 5 criteria:


The proposal displays exceptional creativity and innovation in design and engineering concepts, and problem solving.


The proposal is original, exciting and has the potential to effect positive change.


The proposal is feasible and can be realised with ease.


The proposal can be scaled up, replicated and implemented globally with ease.


All requirements and provisions of the challenge have been met and incorporated into the proposal.

The proposal is also explained with clear documentation, drawings and annotations.

* All proposals submitted shall be the sole intellectual property of ONG Foundation.